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In 2017, the USPS delivered a whopping 149.5 billion pieces of mail. Even with email and other modes of communication, Americans still send a lot of mail.

The USPS is great for sending mass mailings or when you can wait a few days for your mail to be delivered. But when you need something delivered quickly, dedicated courier services are a better way to go.

They are also perfect when you need something delivered across town, but don’t have time to do it yourself. In fact, a bike delivery courier service in many cases is your best choice. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

1. It’s Fast

Wait, aren’t cars faster than bicycles? Maybe in the suburbs, but that’s not true in the city!

Traffic gridlocks cars and delivery trucks, slowing them down considerably. While vehicles are sitting in traffic, bicycles are whizzing by in the bike lane.

That means that sending your packages by bike courier can actually be the fastest way for them to arrive at their destination. They also don’t have to worry about finding a place to park when they arrive, something that can add a significant amount of time to your delivery.

You’ll also be helping to decrease the amount of gridlock in your city. More packages being delivered on bicycles mean fewer delivery vehicles on the road, helping to ease the city’s congestion.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

Bicycles are also far better for the environment than gas-guzzling delivery trucks. No engine means no combustion which means no fumes and no gases being released into the atmosphere. 

Vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to smog and pollution in the air. This is especially true in congested cities where vehicles sit needlessly idling for hours on end while waiting in traffic.

Fewer delivery vehicles on the road means doing your part to keep the air we all breathe that much cleaner.  

3. Convenience

Because bicycles are so maneuverable, using them for courier services is quite convenient. They can get to your location to pick up your package and have it delivered in no time. 

Would you like to deliver fresh-baked cookies to your ailing friend on the other side of the city? Unfortunately, you don’t have time to go sit in traffic and do it yourself. 

Call us up and we’ll dispatch a bicycle courier to have those baked goods on your friend’s doorstep before they finish cooling. In many cases, it will be even faster than you could deliver them in your car, anyway.

4. Send Anything

You might think that bicycle couriers can only handle letters and small packages. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Cargo bikes can easily transport large packages as well. Even ones weighing a few hundred pounds! Some cargo bikes are fitted with a small electric motor to help the cyclist with heavy packages and hills. 

Some companies even use bike delivery to send couches and other pieces of furniture!

5. Bikes Are Cheaper

Building and maintaining a bicycle fleet is much less expensive than one of delivery trucks. The bicycles themselves are much cheaper and cost much less to maintain. Plus, they don’t gobble down huge amounts of gasoline (especially with all that stop and go traffic). 

A courier company using bike delivery for part of its services saves money on the overhead. This gives them the ability to keep their prices low and reasonable. Specialized delivery services don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

6. Bike Delivery Helps Small Businesses Compete

It’s hard for small, local businesses to compete with giants like Amazon or Google when it comes to online shopping. Bike delivery helps close that gap. It’s an inexpensive way for them to offer fast, convenient delivery of their products without having to do it themselves.

Imagine shopping online at your local market. The goods arrive on your doorstep shortly after and you never even had to get dressed. This is great for busy moms or when you’re sick and can’t get to the store. 

7. Employee Health and Fitness

Happy, healthy employees are more productive. Exercise is a key way for people to maintain both physical and mental health. Cycling is a great choice as it doesn’t put the same kind of stress on the body as other types of exercise can do. You literally just sit, pedal a bit, and get your heart pumping like it needs to for good health.

It also helps reduce stress. Imagine the poor delivery truck drivers stressing out as they fight traffic and avoid jaywalkers!

You might be wondering how this benefits you. 

More productive employees mean lower overhead for the delivery company which means they can offer even more reasonable rates. Plus, you can feel good about providing healthy jobs and contributing to a healthier atmosphere in your city.

Try it Out Today!

Still on the fence about bike delivery? Why not give it a shot? Once you see how fast and convenient the service is, you’ll be hooked. 

Not sure that a bike can handle your shipment?

That’s the great thing about contacting a company like ours. We offer all sorts of services to meet any delivery need you have. From bicycles to delivery trucks to airplanes for international shipping, we have what it takes to get your package delivered safe and sound.

Simply contact us and we’ll select the best method for your needs.