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You’ve heard the refrain, “consumer behavior is changing”. Many say that it has already changed. In 2016, the Harvard Business Review said that the on-demand economy was alive and well and growing. The National Technology Readiness Survey confirmed the trend in December 2019. Since 2016, participation in the on-demand economy has almost tripled. In 2019, 64.8 million consumers purchased on-demand […]

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E-commerce is booming. According to Emarketer, the global retail market will exceed $25 trillion in 2019.  We live in an age where you can run a business successfully from the comfort of your home office. You can serve customers across the country and even across the globe with just a few strokes of a keyboard.  […]

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Parcel delivery is a huge, competitive industry. The total number of parcels distributed around the world each year is 9.84 billion. Finding the best final mile delivery provider to give you a competitive advantage is tough. Getting final mile delivery can help streamline your business process. Considering this service? Check out these questions to ask […]

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Financial institutions, unlike other businesses, deal with highly sensitive documents and information. This means there’s a lot to consider when choosing a courier service. When looking for the best way to send your documents, you have to ensure that you have a good delivery system that upholds the nature of your business, while at the […]

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In 2017, the USPS delivered a whopping 149.5 billion pieces of mail. Even with email and other modes of communication, Americans still send a lot of mail. The USPS is great for sending mass mailings or when you can wait a few days for your mail to be delivered. But when you need something delivered […]


As a responsible business owner, your top priority is the company’s bottom line. For that reason, you’ve determined that your business makes the most of its investments. When it comes to proper inventory management, there’s no exception.  The good news, though, is that you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. Detailed below […]

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9.84 billion parcels were distributed around the world in 2017. The last mile delivery market is experiencing breakneck growth. A significant reason for this growth spurt is the rising volume of parcels which can be attributed to a high growth rate of the e-commerce business. As more customers place orders, supply chain companies will need […]


The insurgence of online shopping has forever changed our experience with buying, selling, and advertising. If you follow industry news, it shouldn’t surprise you that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is worth over 150 billion dollars, mostly thanks to online commerce. As this industry continues to grow and change our lives in different ways, […]


Warehouse location plays a pivotal role in a modern business strategy. It’s a sort of a make-or-break decision that profoundly impacts all aspect of your operations. Nowadays, pressures on business supply chains have never been greater. What is at stake is your ability to serve customers profitably and efficiently. Therefore, you have a lot of […]


Have you finally run out of space? For reasons unknown, it’s hard for businesses to avoid clutter in the office. There just never seems to be enough of that precious thing called warehouse space. How many times have you walked into a storage room that’s full of boxes of files and old computer parts that […]