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Storing & Fulfilment


At Chicago Messenger, we store and ship freight that is required to either be on hand ready to ship nearby at a moment’s notice as well as cross docking shipments that is transferred to the most expedient means of delivery in the local area.


We don’t require contracts or termination fees and are both asset and non-asset based (either using our own or other vehicles as required for faster delivery) in the warehouse business. Chicago Messenger Warehouse Services we provide:

  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Skid Storage
  • Archive Record Storage
  • Material Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Break Bulk Service
  • Seasonal Merchandise Handling
  • Overflow Storage with “Just in Time” Inventory
  • Barcode Tracking System
  • Remote user access


Chicago Messenger offers the most efficient and affordable cross docking services. Most individuals and businesses choose this method to reduce delivery time. With this streamlined procedure, it allows products to be picked up directly from the supplier/manufacturer and sent directly to their final destination. There is never a need to store your goods in a warehouse facility when directly getting placed onto transportation. International and domestic shipping is offered by cross docking services. Domestic packages are usually delivered within 24-48 hours. Our cross docking terminals offer reliability and quick routing due to employing well trained staff that are experts in mapping and tracking, as well as finding shipping shortcuts. They will ensure you that your packages get shipped safely and securely to the customer without any interruptions. Most will use this service to send items that are time and/or temperature sensitive.


Fulfillment packing and shipping is efficient and cost effective that is a large part of any shipping service. Chicago Messenger’s goal is to give customers an extra touch of confidence that their items won’t break or undergo any damage while on the road. We have expertise and experience in boxing, water sealing, applying and printing labels, and assembling (automated and manual) making sure boxes will not undergo wear and tear while in transit. It’s very important to us to make sure your packages are tucked away safely and securely. Our company feels that if they are going to be shipping your goods, that we are the best source for kitting and packaging as well. The staff has the professional knowledge of how to package different materials to keep them in perfect condition through the process. Chicago Messenger ensures you will be satisfied with our easy, efficient and safe shipping methods.


Chicago Messenger can offer short term and long term storage for all of your necessary items. Providing skid storage, and archive record storage, we employ the right methods to keep your things organized and protected against the elements both inside and outside of our warehouses. We material pick, pack, and ship as well as handle seasonal merchandise. We utilize a top of the line bar code tracking system that can be remotely accessed so that you can keep tabs on all of your belongings and packages.